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Site Help - Group Room Administration

Group Room Administration

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To administer or participate in a group. a member representative must be assigned "group admin” or "member” privileges by a MISA site administrator. The views, navigation and context described below will only appear for a group administrator or assigned member.

The following is a brief outline of the features that can be used in a team (group) room. It will help you understand how this area can be used to its fullest potential.

Navigation is done in two ways: from the top of the room using the Directory & Features or from the right hand side.

Your group room is initially set so any MISA member representative can see any feature of the room, but they cannot comment or post in the forums or blogs. A team room can be turned into a private room, however, and then the latter only applies.

Assigned members of the chapter, committee or SIG can comment, post and upload documents in the File Libraries described below.

Group administrators of the chapter, committees or SIGs can manage all features of the site using the Group Admin Options menu, which appears for them, and the Homepage Layout.

Resource Manager also only appears for group administrators only, as a place to manage files.

Here are some ideas and descriptions of the room areas.

  1. Name & Title (on the right) - This is set by the site administrator. This will be populated in coordination with your team chair.
  2. Group Feed - Shows group activity or enables a manual post.
  3. Blog(s) - Can be used for a log of what is happening.
  4. Forum(s) - For discussions and member interaction.
  5. Calendar - For scheduled events.
  6. Photo Gallery - A place to show photos.
  7. File Library (File Collections) - A place to upload files. Contents can be seen by visitors from any MISA chapter member whose is a member. Group administrators and assigned member representatives can contribute. files. These collections need to be added to Group Pages, found at the top of the Group Room page. Examples of standard file collections could be: Minutes & Agendas, Shared Documents or Links of Interest.
  8. Resource Manager - A place to upload draft files. This section can contain one level folders, but visitors need to have group-administrator privileges to add or view these files. You may want to store draft and other documents here and then move them to the File Library when they are final or ready to be viewed by individuals from MISA members.