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For over twenty years, many Canadian municipalities have been using the Municipal Reference Model (MRM) to describe and improve the business of government. The MRM is now part of a family of reference models, including the PSRM (Ontario) and the GSRM (Government of Canada) that have stood the test of time.  These models have proved their usefulness at all levels of government in Canada and elsewhere, consistently providing greater insight than other models, less attuned to the unique characteristics of government.


These models describe the business of government from the outside-in, in terms of the programs and services that governments provide and how these contribute to achieving defined policy outcomes.  This can be contrasted with an inside-out view, which focuses on how governments are organized and the activities that they undertake. 


Well-constructed reference models, consisting of a common framework and language to describe the business of government, can assist in “doing government better”.  Focusing on outcomes, and how governments are achieving those outcomes through their programs and services, supports asking first whether governments are “doing the right things” – and then whether they are “doing things right?”

Further information and documents relating to Core MRM Concepts are available at MRM Concepts

More detailed MRM materials (Principles, Definitions, Rules, Standard Reference Model for Canadian Municipalities) are available to MISA Members and other authorized MRM Users through the MRM Private Site

MISA/ASIM Canada has identified and recognized specific suppliers as having the required knowledge of the MRM to undertake consulting or training assignments based on the MRM, both within and outside Canada.  Such suppliers are provided with full access to MISA MRM materials on the MRM private site and are identified here - MRM recognized vendors.  Vendors interested in providing such services and wishing to obtain such recognition can contact the MISA/ASIM Canada President or Executive Director.  

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