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The February 2013 MISA/ASIM Municipal Interface Digital Edition is now available!

February 25, 2013   (0 Comments)
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New Year, New Developments
As our association continues to evolve, we are excited about the significant progress we're making, says MISA Ontario President Geoff Hogan. Find out all that's to come in 2013.

Security in a Mobile World: Barrie Conference
The 10th annual MISA IT Security Conference, held in Barrie, Ontario, provided delegates with starting blocks in the race to find ways to securely manage mobile devices before their proliferation creates uncontrollable problems.
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
The task of becoming the first (and still only) municipal government in Canada to gain payment card industry (PCI) security compliance did not come easily to the City of Calgary. More than 200 requirements were met in order to government to achieve level 2 merchant compliance.
City of Peterborough: Mobile Progress and Direction
Peterborough is moving to solve the puzzle of managing mobile devices with its new Mobile Device Policy.
Ensuring Data Integrity in Open Government
Open-data initiatives in government have been becoming more prevalent during the past decade and software developers have taken this open data and created apps that let us visualize and interpret our world in a different way. This can create potential problems, however. Data integrity cannot be left up to the development community.

Engaging your Workforce in Reducing Security and Privacy Risks
How do we take the concept of humans as a security weakness and turn it around to make them a security asset?
Business Continuity Management: It's Easier than You Think
Business-continuity management may sound complicated but, essentially, it boils down to risk management: how to ensure that business processes are appropriately resilient and can be recovered when needed.