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BizPaL Service Enhancements Coming

April 9, 2013   (0 Comments)
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Municipalities will soon have an enhanced version of BizPaL to offer to their citizens and businesses.

Industry Canada has developed new technology to improve the BizPaL user experience and has a pilot project under way to enable businesses to make online payments for the permits and licences they require, as identified through the BizPaL service.

The developments were announced at a recent meeting of the Joint Councils in Halifax, attended by three representatives from MISA organizations.

BizPaL is a web-based service that provides a customized list of permits, licences, and other requirements from all levels of government to start or expand a business in Canada. An interjurisdictional partnership launched in 2006, BizPaL is available in 12 provinces and territories and 650 communities, and will be made available in the province of Quebec this spring.

During the Joint Councils meeting February 24-28, the chair of the Joint Councils’ Service to Business Task Force, Paul Pierlot of the Government of Manitoba’s Department of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade, announced that an application programming interface (API) has been created to enable BizPaL partners to display BizPaL content on other service-to-business websites.

This means that municipal partners will be able to better integrate BizPaL content with other business-focused information on their websites, enhancing the user experience for business clients.

The API is being implemented now on the BizPaL server, for which Industry Canada is the host. Pierlot said Industry Canada will be initiating contacts soon with municipalities to invite them to use the upgraded BizPaL service.

Pierlot also reported that Industry Canada is conducting a pilot project to explore the possibility of using Canada Post’s epost service in conjunction with BizPaL to enable the electronic submission and payment of permit and licence applications.

The Service to Business Task Force is working on behalf of the Joint Councils to find ways to improve government services for businesses across jurisdictions. The Joint Councils comprise the Public Sector CIO Council and the Public Sector Service Delivery Council. Municipalities have been represented within the Joint Councils since 1999.

There are three municipal representatives on the Public Sector CIO Council: Per Kristensen of the City of Nanaimo, Harry Turnbull of the City of Windsor and Kathryn Bulko of the City of Toronto, who is president of MISA/ASIM Canada.