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City of Dieppe Adopts High Tech System to Aid in Firefighter Response Time

October 16, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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The City of Dieppe Fire Department is now the second in Canada to acquire a pre-alert system and mobile system developed for firefighters that will allow them to respond more efficiently to emergency calls.

Using traditional methods, several precious seconds go by between the time the 911 call is received and the time when the relevant information is transferred to the Fire Department. Using new software components, the Fire Department is now alerted almost immediately following the call, allowing firefighters to get ready and leave for the site of the emergency faster.

"This system will allow firefighters to reduce their response time by 90 seconds,” said Conrad Landry, Deputy Fire Chief for Dieppe. "This may not sound like much, but every second counts in an emergency situation.”

A second component of the system are portable computers that now offer details on the emergency site’s layout, where dangerous products may be located, the locations of fire hydrants as well as information on which streets may be closed.

"Before this system, our firefighters had a lot of information to memorize, including where out-of-service fire hydrants were located,” Mr. Landry said. "Now, as well as getting the basic information, we also have a wider array of details that weren’t necessarily available within a few seconds when using the old system.”

The system will be updated frequently and will also provide aerial photos of the region.

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