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City of Prince Albert Approves 'Bring Your Own Cell Program' - Possible $34,000 in Savings

October 30, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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Prince Albert City Council has approved a new cell phone program that will allow for a costsharing partnership between the City and its employees. The voluntary 'Bring Your Own Cell' program allows City employees to use their personal cell phones for work purposes rather than using a city-owned device. The mutually beneficial program is expected to see a minimum savings of $9,600 a year and as much as $34,320 on cell phone purchases and monthly billings.

In a report to Council, the City's Information Technology (IT) department cites convenience and cost sharing as two of the primary motivations for the program. 'It achieves convenience because employees don't have to carry two phones and cost savings since the City will not have to cover the full bill or the purchase cost of the phone,' said Neil Barnes, IT Manager for the City of Prince Albert. 'We view it as a win-win situation with both employees and the City benefiting.'

The report notes that all mainstream smart phones can be easily supported without any risk of security breaches which was not always the case. 'Blackberry used to be the standard in smart phone security,' said Barnes. 'This isn't the case anymore so the City does not have to control the type of device an employee purchases. This flexibility made the program possible.'

The Bring Your Own Cell Program and falls within the City's Electronic Communications Policy where mobile devices are considered an extension of home access to work computer files, email, calendar and contacts. The same policy will apply to mobile devices.

For a copy of the full report, please see page 86 of the City Council Agenda at

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