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City of Hamilton Launches Climate Change Map

October 30, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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At the October 21, 2013 Board of Health meeting on Hamilton's climate change actions Councillors were shown the Hamilton Climate Change Map for distribution to their respective Wards. Hamilton has achieved its community emissions targets of 20% reductions of 2006 emissions levels for 2020 in 2011 with a total reduction of 23.1%. A new emissions target for 80% by 2050 has been set for the City.

The Hamilton Climate Change Action Map was developed by McMaster University’s Centre for Climate Change Research in partnership with the City and community partners under the Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter ( The purpose of the Map is to engage and record actions taken in the community in all Wards to address climate change and impacts the community may have felt with regards to climate change.

The Hamilton Carbon Map provides a visual record of the community that encourages the undertaking and sharing of actions in Hamilton by individuals and organizations in all Wards across the City. The Map is divided by respective Wards and also features a slideshow of actions and an action of the month.

The Map increases the awareness, support and the ability for increased local action in areas such as energy, transportation, business practices, buildings and water. To date, 105 projects have been submitted. Feel free to explore the map and website at

Hamilton is the first municipality in Ontario and in Canada to create such a Map. The City has been contacted by a number of Canadian and Ontario municipalities who are supportive of this work and are watching its progress as a education and engagement tool. The Map has had some exposure through our partners at McMaster University and media outlets such as CBC Hamilton.

Help put your actions on the Hamilton Climate Change Map

Hamilton has been recognized as a leader on climate change. In Hamilton, people and organizations across the City are taking action against climate change in creative ways and have reduced community emissions by 23.1%. We want to showcase your local actions.

Are you taking action on climate change at home? At work? Is it carpooling or riding transit or your bike to work or to school? Planting a vegetable garden? Does your business or organization have a business practice you want to showcase? Do you reduce your energy use or water use? Recycle? Have solar panels?

The McMaster Centre for Climate Change and the Hamilton Climate Change Charter have put together an on-line interactive map where you can see and find out about interesting projects or actions that you never knew existed in Hamilton addressing climate change. Many of these actions may inspire you or others in the community to do more.

What are you doing to take action? What have you noticed? Take a picture of it and help us put it on the Hamilton Climate Change Map to show and share what you and others are doing in Hamilton.  The link to the map is