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City of Kingston Introduces Telephone & Internet Voting for Municipal Elections

April 3, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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Kingston residents will be able to vote through their land-line phones and the Internet in the 2014 municipal election.

"New secure technologies mean we are now able to make voting more convenient than ever and allow electors to choose how, when and where they cast their ballots," says Kevin Arjoon, Deputy City Clerk.

He notes that offering an expanded choice of voting technologies is likely to engage a wider voting demographic and will provide more options to those who might have had difficulty getting to the polling station.

The remote voting process will has built in security programing and will include a verification process, in which electors will be asked to register prior to casting their vote online or through the telephone. All the necessary information will be communicated in advance, and will be conveniently outlined on the Voter Notification Card. The remote poll will be closed in advance of Voting Day (October 27, 2014), and is anticipated to cut down on line-ups and wait times at the polls. In addition, staff are proposing to hold one day of advance voting featuring paper ballots.

The remote voting component is one part of the new vote tabulation system, which will also feature elector list management software, and updated vote tabulators for the traditional polls, with paper ballots.

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