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Greater Toronto Incident Management Exercise - Dec. 11

November 19, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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GTIME III will help planners, incident and risk managers prepare now for the impacts. The upcoming GTIME (the Greater Toronto Incident Management Exchange) exercise on December 11 will educate and challenge all  participants regardless of their background. Climate Change and the events associated are already impacting the  Greater Toronto Area. The Ice Storm of the winter of 2013/14 and torrential rains causing wide scale flooding may  be just the beginning of things to come. In the past few years, from Calgary, Alberta to St John, New Brunswick,  “weird weather” has damaged business, homes and property impacting transportation and critical infrastructures  in cities across Canada. So what can YOU do about it in your own organization?

To help you DRIE (the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange) Toronto presents GTIME (Greater Toronto Incident Management Exercise) III.  GTIME III will present a panel of experts who have studied, experienced and reacted to various recent weather related events. They will provide information on issues that affect your plans from municipal infrastructure to the emergency management services and response. The exercise will revolve around a disaster scenario and set of discussion topics that you and your colleagues will examine in the context of your own preparedness. The expert’s experiences and knowledge will help you identify gaps and issues to be addressed in your plans. These answers
will be captured and distilled into a “white paper” as in other GTIME exercises.

This is not just a set of presentations. It is an exercise designed to help you improve your plan’s resumption, recovery and restoration phases. We want to cultivate answers from our participants that will contribute to their understanding and ultimately reacting to the types of crisis produced by severe weather events. This will allow you to create the plans with the power to deal with these events.
GTIME III is an educational, hands-on exercise applicable to any business or government organization regardless of their location. It is a great opportunity to exercise your plan without the time and expense of designing your own exercise scenario, researching cross functional impact, providing exercise reports and debriefings.

Table monitors will facilitate discussion topics as the exercise progresses and the table top exercise format will encourage participants to discuss cross functional issues and plan dependencies. Post exercise reports and blogs will be made available to all attendees as part of the on-going evolution of the GTIME concept.

visit us at:
December 11, 2014 North York Memorial Hall
5110 Yonge St. Toronto ON, M2N 6M1