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City of Windsor Launches 911 Texting for Deaf, Speech Impaired

December 2, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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Windsor's Emergency 911 Centre is launching a new service for those who are deaf, heard of hearing or have a speech impairment.

Staring Monday people who fall in these groups will be able to text 911 for help when in trouble.

"It is something that is being rolled out in the United States where there's texting for the entire population, it's not here yet," said Lori Powers, the Director of the Emergency 911 Centre in Windsor.

She said all people need to do is register their cell phone numbers with their wireless provider, then actually call 911 to finalize the set-up.

Powers said dispatchers will listen to noise in the background to make sure the owner of the phone is placing the call.

She said Windsor is the fourth community in Ontario to get the service.

She said in the future there will be will be a 'next generation 911.'

"That will be in the next five years," said Powers. "Eventually we'll be able to receive picture, video, data all kinds of information through 911."