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Hamilton Offering Open Data as Part of Community Maps Program

February 10, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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The City of Hamilton has reached another milestone in its open data sharing program through a new partnership with Esri Canada to deliver Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data via their Community Maps program.  Through this program, geographic information can be published as community maps on ArcGIS Online, a web site for finding and sharing GIS content and building communities. 

Data that is provided by the City for the Community Maps program includes:

  • Streets
  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Boundaries
  • Buildings
  • Contours
  • Water bodies
  • Rail lines
  • Points of Interest

By participating in the Community Maps program the City of Hamilton benefits from reducing costs while making its data widely available. Community maps are easily accessible via the web to both employees and the public, 24/7.

"This partnership allows free and easy access to authoritative, detailed, accurate, and high-performance online community base maps," said Gord McGuire, Manager of Geomatics and Corridor Management with the City of Hamilton.  "Users both within and outside our organization can leverage these maps to develop innovative GIS applications to support areas such as operational activities, economic development, disaster management, elections planning and community outreach."

The City of Hamilton is the primary and authoritative data source for this coverage area within Community Maps.  Leveraging the ArcGIS Online cloud-based platform allows the City to enhance internal operations, offer robust online services to residents, enable more efficient use of staff time, and improve the overall quality and reliability of our data.  This geospatial data sharing will also facilitate easier collaboration with the Pan Am 2015 partners.

Hamilton joins almost 200 other public sector agencies across the country in embracing this initiative.  Please visit to view the City of Hamilton contribution to the Community Maps program.

Hamilton has previously released over 50 open data sets as part of the Open Data Pilot project. For more information, visit