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Oshawa Approves Open Data Initiative

June 29, 2016  
Posted by: Jacqueline O'Hara
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As part of the City of Oshawa's commitment to openness, transparency and accountability, an open data pilot project and open data portal received City Council approval for implementation on the City's website. It is anticipated that the City's open data portal will be on the website fall 2016.

Open data is raw, digital, machine-readable information maintained in support of programs and services offered by the City and is accessible to everyone free of charge. The data is unrestricted by copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. The benefits of open data include fostering innovation, stimulating economic growth, improved government service delivery as well as increased internal efficiencies. Entrepreneurs, academics, residents and community organizations will benefit from the available information to create new applications. The implementation of an open data initiative will complement the existing open information and open dialogue City initiatives already available.

The City's award-winning website provides a wealth of open information related to City services, facilities, programs, news, notices and alerts. Committee and Council agendas, reports and minutes are available online along with web-streamed meeting videos providing residents with transparent access to the City's governmental process.

The addition of an open data portal will also complement the existing open dialogue initiatives that exist through the Connect Oshawa website (, social media, public open houses and information centres, online chat services and Service Oshawa.

"The open data pilot project is another example of the City's commitment to improving public engagement and enhancing transparency and accountability," said Councillor Amy McQuaid-England, Chair of the Corporate Services Committee. "We look forward to receiving public feedback on the initial data sets as well as potential data sets to be released in the future."

The initial data sets will include:

  • City's parcel and property fabric, street network, zoning and existing land use data;
  • Animal Services statistics, including intake and outcome data;
  • Service and information request statistics generated by Service Oshawa;
  • Parking facilities in the downtown area, including on-street, service lots and parking garages; and,
  • Housing licenses, including two-unit housing registrations and property licences issued under the residential rental housing regulations.

Open data is a growing trend for governments around the world and a number of Canadian municipalities of various sizes have also implemented open data portals.

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