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Region of Durham expands Open Data initiative

August 9, 2016  
Posted by: Jacqueline O'Hara
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The Regional Municipality of Durham's Corporate Services-Information Technology Division has expanded its Open Data pilot initiative, by making new datasets available, online    

Open Data is a philosophy and practice that requires certain data to be made freely available to the public, in machine-readable format, without any restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. The Region of Durham recognizes the importance of making data freely available to the public, and the expansion of the pilot project aims to increase the scope of this initiative.

The new datasets focus on readily available geographic information system (GIS) data including childcare centres, community services, education facilities, government offices, health neighbourhood boundaries, and senior residences. The initial datasets released in March included Single Line Road Network (SLRN) data, Durham-wide address points, transit routes, transit stop locations and General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data.

"With these new datasets now available, the pilot project will continue to measure the quality from a public perspective, and determine which content has the greatest value to the public, based on download metrics," said Matthew Gaskell, Commissioner of Corporate Services. "By removing restrictions to more and more data over time, local industry and research organizations will be able to utilize this data in order to further contribute towards economic development and innovation in the Region of Durham."

Upon completion of the pilot later this year, the usage of all data that was made available will be gathered and analyzed to evaluate the cost, benefits and impact of freely sharing other data sets to the public in the future. Recommendations will then be made on the further adoption of Open Data at the Region of Durham.

For more information on the Open Data pilot initiative, and for access to the available data sets,

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