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Aurora partners with Bell to introduce small cell technology

September 14, 2016  
Posted by: Jacqueline O'Hara
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Aurora Town Council has approved an agreement with Bell to install its new small cell technology in the community. Aurora is the first municipality in York Region to participate in this innovative program.

The initiative places small cell antenna systems in select areas to improve mobile data coverage without the need for a traditional cellular tower.

"Aurora is taking a leadership role and embracing new technology by participating in the small cell technology project. This investment will enhance high-speed wireless broadband service for residents, provide a competitive advantage for businesses and showcase the Town of Aurora as an evolving smart city," said Mayor Geoffrey Dawe.

The town is looking to install small cells in approximately 10 locations, including the Aurora Promenade on Yonge Street and the Cultural Precinct. Weighing approximately 30 pounds, each small cell uses far less power than a traditional site cell site while providing approximately 150 metres of coverage. Installation is simple, efficient and does not compromise existing service to residents.

The small cell project will significantly improve wireless broadband service within the community, generating new revenue and innovation opportunities for the Town and its business base. Small cells also reduce the load on existing wireless infrastructure in the region and decrease the number of traditional cell sites needed in the future.

The small cell rollout will begin this fall and is expected to expand to other areas.

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