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Next Generation 9-1-1 Technology - MISA Ontario Representing the Interests of Municipalities

October 20, 2016  
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In the coming years, the transition to Internet Protocol (IP)-based telecommunications network elements and equipment is expected to have a major impact on the provision of emergency 9-1-1 services across Canada.  Next generation (NG) 9-1-1 will provide callers with new ways to access emergency services from multiple devices and platforms (text, location, pictures, video, etc).  This transition will be complex and costly and will occur gradually over the next few years.

Funding and governance are two key issues to be addressed, as well as consistent functionality and timing.

In Ontario, funding in the form of a landline fee for 911 upgrades has been accessed by the telecommunications service providers exclusively – none of the funding has been passed onto the networks (fire, police, ambulance, municipalities) for upgrading purposes.  In addition, there is no mechanism for governance or reporting of this fund.

We support that the funding mechanism should be a funding pool with regulatory oversight for distribution of funds to all stakeholders (Telco’s, municipality, emergency services etc.), allowing everyone access to funds for upgrades and capital expenditures that will be required to make changes to the Emergency dispatch environment.

MISA Ontario Board will monitor the developments of this initiative and provide its feedback on municipality requirements and support at the appropriate time. 

What can you as MISA members do?  Escalate this issue within your own organizations so it is on everyone’s radar.

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