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Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenge - Get Ready!

October 26, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Infrastructure Canada's Smart Cities Challenge is coming soon! 

MISA Member municipalities are encouraged to begin thinking about projects that will use technology and data in innovative ways to improve livability and opportunities in any aspect of community life – how people move around, how they live and play, how they earn a living, how they learn, how they participate in society, how they interact with the natural environment, and how they create safe and secure public spaces.

Infrastructure Canada will soon be accepting Smart City (Smart Community) proposals, with very substantial prizes available to successful communities. Each of three rounds will include:

  • One prize of $50 million;
  • Two prizes of $10 million each for mid-sized communities;
  • One prize of $5 million for a small community;
  • One prize of $5 million for an Indigenous community.

The application process and some parameters (e.g. defining a mid-sized or small community) are still to be announced. However, the first round will launch in the Fall of 2017.

Start the conversation now to discuss potential projects in your community. Ensure that your senior leaders are aware of the opportunity. Be bold. This is your chance to play a part in a technology and data driven project that will make a real difference for your community, its residents and businesses.

Further details will be available soon at