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The Municipal Innovation Pilot Project (MIPP) Prepares to Launch Open Resource Exchange (ORE)

November 28, 2019  
Posted by: Jacqueline O'Hara
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The Municipal Innovation Pilot Project (MIPP) is an initiative aiming to support research and development of ‘open source solutions’ for all levels of government within Canada and beyond. The vision is to enable and support the pooling of investment for collective impact. 

MISA Ontario Past President, Connie McCutcheon, RIMQ/MISA Canada Vice-President and Senior advisor for the City of Montreal, Bianca Tomazeli, Manager of Business and Technology Innovation for the City of Edmonton, Norman Mendoza, Vice President of Information Technology for Waterloo North Hydro Inc, Mark Dillon (Previously City of Sarnia) and Derek Alton from the Office of the Chief Information Officer for the Government of Canada were part of the steering group that led this project. The steering group also had representation from:

  • City of Montreal
  • City of Edmonton
  • City of Guelph
  • Region of Durham
  • Region of Niagara
  • City of Sarnia
  • FCM Innovation Network
  • Government of Canada

Out of this initiative, the Open Resource Exchange (ORE) was recently soft-launched. The ORE is a platform that shares innovative ideas across all levels of government in Canada, and creates a gathering space around open standards, open-source software, open information, open dialogue, and open Government.  It enables governments to:

  • Share open source solutions that can be replicated across Canada.
  • Access open source solutions and execute in new environments.
  • Contribute to existing open source solutions.
  • Learn about open source software and open standards used by all levels of governments.

MISA members are encouraged to contribute to the directory:

For additional information, please visit:

BONUS: There is also an existing wiki called FLOSSING-LLSG available for you to join. The Free Libre Open Source Software in Government (FLOSSING) is a Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat led community that enables the awareness, discovery and creation of Open Source across the Government of Canada, including but not limited to Departments, Agencies, Provincial, Municipal, Crown Corporations and the public as a whole. Its core objectives are:

  1. Improve Awareness
  2. Improve Discover-ability
  3. Develop and Identify Research and Metrics to support Open Source
  4. Expand Guidance

For more information visit