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MISA Canada Digital Newsletter - July 2020

July 6, 2020  
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MISA Canada Digital Newsletter - July 2020

MISA Canada Digital Newsletter - July 2020

 Digital brief of highlights, upcoming events, partner spotlight & more!

Partner In Action

TOPdesk Logo

What is TOPdesk?

We have one simple goal: helping organizations like yours create spectacular customer experiences.

How do we do this? Over 25 years ago, we launched a simple ticketing tool for IT helpdesks. Today, we still make great software for managing tickets and calls – and everything else you’ll need for Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

What makes us different? Our people add that extra *zing*. TOPdeskers are fun, intelligent, and caring individuals focused in making your organization a success. Not to mention, we won’t break your bank in the process.

[Municipalities webinar]: Level up your user experience (UX)

TOPdesk Level Up Image

What is user experience? Why do I want it in my organization?
User experience, sometimes referred to as UX, is defined as: the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. (

We have learned first-hand that User Experience is important in municipal organizations and would like to share our advice to you through this free webinar.

Join Yash and Ben, consultants with TOPdesk Canada, as they walk you through the different features, possibilities, and maturity levels of a Self-Service Portal (SSP). They will provide examples of TOPdesk Self-Service Portals and universal best practices for municipalities to improve user experience and provide faster service.

What can I expect in this webinar?

You can expect to improve User Experience within your department through:

  • Creating a service catalogue
  • Enabling a Self-Service Portal (SSP) for all your service departments 
  • Providing Citizen Support using Public Forms 
  • Using integrations in your Self-Service Portal to improve efficiency                     
  • Helping your users help themselves

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Website Highlight - Did You Know .....

Did you know you can find Shared RFP's and other documentation that municipalities have already written and used for most services and products in the Member Area of the website.
Access member only information by logging into your profile at . Don't have a profile yet? Contact your MISA Primary Contact for your municipality, or use the Contact Us page to reach out to your Chapter contact for assistance.

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