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Management Training to be Offered for Municipal IT Technicians

July 8, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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Leaders of IT departments need skills and knowledge that go beyond technical issues.  Technicians who want to become leaders will soon have access to a professional training course in management skills, offered at favourable prices through a program endorsed by MISA/ASIM Canada.


More than 30 employees of municipal information technology departments from Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick have taken the Emerging IT Leader Program since it was first offered in November 2012, with positive response.  The four-day program is run by the Leaders Beyond group of companies (, which has been conducting university-level courses for the development of IT leaders since 1992.


Leaders Beyond has offered to deliver the Emerging IT Leader Program to employees of member municipalities within MISA/ASIM Canada for a discounted price of $4,200 for each student, instead of the standard price of $5,250, based on a minimum attendance of 20.


The MISA/ASIM Canada Board of Directors has accepted the offer and is promoting it to municipal members of all five chapters across Canada.


Kathryn Bulko, president of MISA/ASIM Canada and manager of client relationship management with the I&T Division of the City of Toronto, reports that the first program organized in collaboration with MISA/ASIM Canada will be made available soon in the Toronto area.  Further details will be posted on this website.


The Emerging IT Leader Program will be a special offer from MISA/ASIM Canada – meaning that there will be a common discounted price for all municipalities, regardless of size or location – and will be delivered wherever there is sufficient demand from chapters anywhere in Canada.  A French-language course will be offered if desired. 


Bulko commented: "Working with the municipal community is part of the value statement for members within MISA/ASIM Canada associations.  Members can obtain value from these special offers if the vendors tailor them to the specific needs of local municipal governments and price them competitively.”


The Emerging IT Leader Program was described to the MISA/ASIM Canada board in a recent presentation by Barry Clavir, managing partner of Leaders Beyond, and Mike Levy, director of operations.  Course instructors, all of whom have experience as CIOs, deliver a series of three-hour classes and workshops to instill in mid-level practitioners the skills in business management, communication and team-building necessary to advance to senior-management levels.


Class content is not specific to municipalities.  Nevertheless municipal employees who attended the Emerging IT Leader Program in sessions conducted in Toronto in November 2012 and Lethbridge, Alberta, in March 2013 found it relevant to their situations.  The program was recommended to the MISA/ASIM Canada board by both Bulko and Sabina Visser, general manager for IT at the City of Lethbridge and president of MISA Prairies.


Visser commented on the relevance of the program to today’s municipal IT challenges.


"As citizens’ expectations for an online, citizen-centred municipality continue growing; as current IT leaders move on or retire, and with increasing demand/competition for qualified IT staff, all sizes of municipalities need to focus on developing their Internal IT staff,” she said.


"The Emerging IT Leader Program prepares IT staff to explore these environmental factors, and actively participate in building business technology strategies.”