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City of Burlington Uses Bluetooth Technology to Manage Street Congestion

October 1, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Alison Hermansen
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The City of Burlington is testing new traffic data collection devices that use Bluetooth and GPS technology to collect travel time information from vehicles traveling on city streets.  This innovative technology will be used to help transportation staff adjust the timing of traffic signals to better manage congestion and traffic flow.  The data will also help plan more effective road improvements.

The technology only collects publicly available information through data recorders installed in strategic locations next to the roadway.  The device does not collect any personal information that would identify the vehicle or its occupants. When a motorist with an active Bluetooth device passes by the data recorder it picks up the "ping” from the device and records the time and date the device passed that location. When that same Bluetooth device passes another data recorder the travel time can then be determined.  Using this information together with the device’s onboard GPS the average travel speed can also be calculated.  The method the city is currently using to determine travel time is to have staff drive the route and record the travel times.  The devices are currently installed in three locations throughout the city.  Pending results of the pilot program, the city hopes to expand the program and add more devices in multiple locations.  For additional information contact