MISA Atlantic - President's Message

President's Message

President's Message

I am proud to write this MISA Atlantic President’s message for the new website page. It is yet again, evidence that MISA is becoming stronger and more engrained in Atlantic Canada.

Increasingly, we as IT managers and practitioners are realizing that networks of people are essential to making systems and technologies relevant to our organizations. Collaboration, benchmarking, and sharing ideas & best practices are key to getting the job done.
I believe that MISA Atlantic can play a huge role in helping us enhance a positive and productive relationship with the local, national and international vendor community.

I am confident that MISA Atlantic will be of great value to all of us all as we strive to partner with our municipal peers, and to support services to citizens by bringing excellent information systems and technologies to the table.

Working together, we can leverage the “power of many” to ensure we continue to effectively and efficiently contribute to excellent service delivery to our municipal clients. I look forward to working with all of you as we move to this next generation of MISA Atlantic.

Maurice Gallant, MISA Atlantic Chapter President

CIO, Director of Information, Improvement and Innovation
City of Fredericton, maurice.gallant@fredericton.ca