MISA BC - About & Objectives



The BC Chapter of Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) was formally established in April, 1994. Twenty local government IT Managers from across the province met in Nanaimo to become the second MISA chapter in Canada. The formation of MISA BC was a significant step for municipal co-operation across the country as it joined two other associations in Ontario and Quebec. Both MISA Ontario and RIMQ in Quebec have been active IT associations since the 1960’s. In the past few years, MISA chapters have become established in the remaining provinces and territories.

MISA BC exists to promote greater co-operation among local government staff in the IT field by sharing information and developing common solutions on a broader and cost-effective scale. Joint efforts with other organizations with a national scope such as the Canadian Association of Municipal Adminstration (CAMA) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), have also become possible.

Municipalities share many IT issues, and working together on these makes for more effective and efficient government. The information highway and electronic services continues to be a prime focus of discussions between municipalities and the senior levels of government. Clearly, members from the provincial chapters and across the nation provide a valuable service for municipalities.

Regardless of the size of your local government, or whether you are a provincial agency or supplier to the municipal marketplace, you can benefit from a membership in MISA BC. As well as regular memberships, there are Associate and Affiliate memberships available. As a member in any category, you will receive current information on municipal services, products and activities through various publications and events. You will be advised of professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars and conferences. You will have the opportunity to participate and receive materials from special interest groups in the areas of GIS, web services, end-user computing, and others. Through the appropriate use of information technology and as a member of MISA BC you will join a growing number of dedicated professionals working towards more effective government.

For more information about the BC Chapter of MISA, please contact any of the MISA BC Executive.


MISA BC exists to promote greater co-operation among local government staff in the Information Technology field. The goal of the Association is to share information, to develop common solutions and to distribute these on a broader and cost-effective scale.

MISA BC vision has 4 key objectives:

  • To promote the efficient and effective use of municipal information systems and technology
  • To provide a medium for communication for the interchange of information between members and interested persons or groups, leading to more efficient use of municipal information systems
  • To sponsor programs and conferences for the purposes of gathering and disseminating information and making available the special skills, knowledge and expertise of its members to those working with municipal information systems
  • To provide a formal interface between those working with municipal information systems and other levels of government for the purpose of exchanging information

Furthermore, the Association adheres to the following principles:

  • Members co-operate to share best practices, research and experience
  • Members obtain value for membership
  • Members enjoy participation, work and have fun
  • Members provide an opportunity for service providers to learn about the local government technology market and to develop mutually beneficial partnerships
  • The Association co-operates and collaborates with other organizations in the municipal field
  • The Association is client focused
  • Members share the workload equitably in the volunteer Executive