MISA - National Partner Program Code of Conduct

National Partner Program

National Partner Program General Conduct and Communication

All MISA/ASIM CANADA Partners and their representatives shall

For further clarity, in the outline of expectations below”

  • References to MISA/ASIM Canada board members and staff shall include board members and staff of MISA/ASIM Canada and of each of its member Chapters;
  • References to MISA/ASIM Canada members and partners shall include members and partners of MISA/ASIM Canada and of each of its member Chapters;
  • References to MISA/ASIM Canada events and activities shall include events and activities of MISA/ASIM Canada and of each of its member Chapters;
  • References to MISA/ASIM Canada by-Laws, policies and procedures shall include by-laws, policies and procedures of MISA/ASIM Canada and of each of its member Chapters;

All MISA/ASIM CANADA Partners and their representatives shall, without limitation:

  • Conduct their business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations of Canada and its provinces while conducting business with and/or on behalf of MISA/ASIM CANADA or its members
  • Project an attitude of courtesy and professional respect for Board Members and staff of MISA/ASIM Canada, its member municipalities, other partners and their representatives;
  • Maintain a high degree of integrity within the Association and the municipal IT community;
  • Act in a polite and courteous manner during all MISA/ASIM CANADA events and activities, freely and openly sharing knowledge with other members.
  • Comply with the MISA/ASIM CANADA By-Laws and Policies and Procedures as established from time to time by the MISA/ASIM CANADA Board of Directors
  • Use the MISA/ASIM Canada Partner Logo only when the organization is a paid-up Partner of MISA/ASIM CANADA;
  • When participating in discussion forums and user groups available from the MISA/ASIM CANADA website, only provide feedback to the issue at hand and not use the forum for blatant and unsolicited marketing. For further clarity, Partners may mention their services or product but only as it relates to the issue being discussed - with an invitation to contact the vendor directly for further information. All discussion threads are monitored by MISA/ASIM CANADA and offending posts may be removed at the sole discretion of MISA/ASIM Canada or its agents.
  • Focus on the value of your own products and services, avoiding negative comments products or services provided by other MISA/ASIM Canada Partners or vendors;
  • Adhere to the guidelines provided by event or conference committees for sponsors, exhibitors and speakers.   
  • For speakers, focus on informative or educational content that will inform the audience about the topic at hand and not just your own products or services.  Session proposals that are purely intended to market the Partner’s products or services will be rejected.
  • To the extent possible, avoid hosting events that directly compete with MISA/ASIM Canada events.  In particular, avoid hosting special sessions at MISA/ASIM Conferences during times when other sessions are in progress – without the specific approval of the conference organizers.
  • When hosting webinars or other events specifically targeted at MISA members, work with MISA/ASIM Canada or any of its chapters to plan and promote the event and to minimize conflict with other events hosted by MISA/ASIM Canada or other Partners.

On-going participation and membership within the MISA/ASIM CANADA Partner community is contingent upon compliance with the MISA/ASIM CANADA Partner Code of Conduct. Appropriate adherence to this Code of Conduct, in letter and in spirit, will be determined at the sole discretion of the MISA/ASIM CANADA Board of Directors. The MISA/ASIM CANADA Board unequivocally reserves the right to terminate, with or without stated cause, the continued membership of any entity found to be in material breach of this guideline. In the event of such termination, the Board may, at its sole discretion, refund any unexpired membership fees on a pro-rated basis.