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Municipal Information Systems Association, Ontario (MISA Ontario) is a non-profit organization whose objective is to foster an engaged and active community of municipal professionals, at all levels, to share information, experiences and promote municipal IT practices.  For almost 40 years, MISA Ontario has continued to be an advocate for innovation on behalf of all municipalities, small to large, on issues and topics that impact their communities.   As a member, you will join a growing number of 1400+ dedicated professionals working towards more effective government.

The benefits of MISA Ontario membership include:

 Special event discounts: This includes the annual InfoSec Conference in October which focuses on all aspects of municipal information security, and our Annual Conference & Trade Show in June which focuses on developing trends in IT.  Both conferences provide the opportunity to stay informed and connect with other municipalities and industry experts.

Education/Community Collaboration: MISA Ontario offers free webinars hosted by industry experts as well as get member-only access to these recordings.  Members also have access to multiple online resources as well as the option to participate in committees, special interest groups and upcoming projects. You will also have access to our online technology & services directory.

Professional Recognition:  Every year, MISA Ontario recognizes municipalities, individuals within municipalities and organizations for excellence in the use and delivery of technology.   A panel made up of representatives from various municipalities selects award recipients from all nominations received.

Organization Membership: Municipalities and private sector partners who become members will also have be able to have up to 100 sub-accounts for their staff at no additional cost. 

Registration for new members is open at a pro-rated rate for the rest of the year.  



  • To build an engaged and active community for all IT professionals working in and with municipal government to share information, skills and experiences
  • To identify and promote municipal IT best practices
  • To achieve recognition as the provincial voice of municipal information technology professionals
  • To advocate on behalf of all municipalities on issues and topics that impact all members
  • To facilitate and establish partnerships with organizations and agencies to further build MISAOntario’s standing and value to its members
  • To foster partnership and collaboration among stakeholders through projects
  • To promote strategic alliances between member organizations and between the public and private sectors
  • To enable service providers to deliver more effective services to municipalities through education, research and information sharing.

If you would like to know more, you can always reach out to Executive Director, Anne Babej, or send an email to info@misa.on.ca.