MISA Ontario Regional Director Board of Director Elections

2019 MISA Ontario Board of Director Election Profiles  Regional Director 

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Regional Director


Elected by Members

Term of Office:

Two years


Regular MISA Member

Voting Rights:

Full voting rights

Time Commitment:

Approximately 1 day per month


Provides a point of contact within each MISA region for both existing MISA members and for municipalities seeking information about MISA and its activities and services. Solicits input and acts as a spokesperson for regional issues and concerns at the Board.   Contributes towards the advancement of the MISA Ontario strategic plan and the key initiatives herein.

Acts as a MISA Ontario ambassador, promoting and advocating on behalf of the Association and the MISA brand.  Acts as a liaison between the region and MISA Ontario, bringing forward issues, concerns or opportunities that could provide increased value to the entire membership.

As a member of the MISA Ontario Board, the Regional Director is required to understand and conduct themselves in accordance with the MISA Ontario Board of Directors Code of Conduct. View our Regional Map to get an idea which administrative region your municipality falls under. 

 Duties & Administration:

  • Provide a focal point for MISA programs and activities within the region.
  • Attend regular MISA Ontario Board meetings including the Board Strategic Planning session.
  • Serve as representative on a Committee or special interest groups, which involves:
    • Contributing ideas and suggestions related to improving the value of membership.  For example, potential program workshop topics, speakers, member value-adds etc.
    • Assist with projects & initiatives that benefit the membership at large.
    • Arranging facilities for workshops to be held within the region.
    • Promoting the workshops to regional members and other potential attendees.
  • Provide a point of contact within each MISA region for both existing MISA members and for municipalities and potential business partners, seeking information and feedback about MISA and its activities and services. Respond to requests for information or advice and/or recommend an alternate resource.
  • Monitor and actively promote the value of membership to municipalities within the region.  Promote membership renewal and encourage municipalities who are not members.
  • Solicit input and act as spokesperson for regional issues and concerns at the Board.
  • Promote membership to partners/vendors within and outside the region. 
  • Seek out opportunities to contact members to inform them about MISA, its activities and services, and to solicit feedback/suggestions regarding same.
  • Provide a report of significant events within the Region.  Events can include new and innovative technology implementations, IT Staff appointments or retirements, and other noteworthy events or projects of general interest to MISA members and other subscribers.
  • Participate in the annual MISA Ontario conference and Annual General Meeting. Communicate the vision and value of the association and promote new member and partnership opportunities. 

For further details, contact Executive Director Anne Babej at 647-459-5613.  To review other roles, please select one of the Board of Director positions below:

Municipal Positions 

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