MISA Ontario Vice-President Board of Director Elections

2019 MISA Ontario Board of Director Election Profiles  Vice-President

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Vice President


Elected by the membership

Term of Office:

Two years but not more than two consecutive terms


Regular MISA Member, prefer Board / Committee experience

Voting Rights:

Full voting rights

Time Commitment:

Approximately 2 - 3 days per month


The Vice President shall assist the President in managing the objectives and administration of the Association. During the absence or inability of the President to conduct or administrate the business of the Association, the Vice President shall assume the power and duties of the President. In accepting this position, the Vice President is indicating a willingness to assume the position of President, either during the current term, or during a successive term of office.

Duties & Administration:

  • Chair Board meetings in the absence of the President.

  • Act on behalf of the President at any function that the President is unable to attend.

  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and serve as a member of this Board.

  • Participate in all Board Executive conference calls.

  • Participate on Committees and/or Special Interest Groups as appropriate.

  • Represent MISA Ontario at the MISA Prairies conference and the MISA BC Conference, alternating one for the other, every year with the President of the Board.

  • Participate in the annual MISA Ontario conference and be present at the tradeshow as appropriate.

For further details, contact Executive Director Anne Babej at 647-459-5613.  To review other roles, please select one of the Board of Director positions below:

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