Partner Spotlight - CCTX

Partner spotlight - CCTX



Cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication.  Work-From-Home remote access with increased connectivity are making it more difficult to protect systems.  Threat actors are working together – across provinces and sectors.  Businesses need to work together to stop them.   The Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange is Canada’s only cross sectoral cyber threat collaboration hub.  As a member-based organization, we provide an opportunity for companies to work together by sharing intelligence, learning from and supporting each other through a secure online portal, and with peer to peer exchanges.



“We have found good value in the COVID19 and weekly threat sharing calls in addition to submissions from the federal government, banks and other large members.”  Grey County, ON



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2019 Ponemon Institute

First, information and data sharing from trusted colleagues provides organizations with access to more high-quality data—and more data means better intelligence. By sharing, organizations can augment the data they collect from internal monitoring systems, making it more actionable.

Second, information sharing and collaboration allows organizations to leverage the knowledge and experience of others for broader analysis. Attackers often try to use the same approaches repeatedly for efficiency.   Learning from the experience of others can reduce the success of the attackers’ approach and make it more expensive for them to execute by demanding continuous refreshing of tactics.

Third, participation in a collaboration center offers a cost-effective intelligence solution. Information sharing means organizations can expand their cyber resources beyond their four walls and internal budget limitations through teaming.


The CCTX has over 140 member organizations from a variety of industries including telco’s, finance and banking, insurance, health care, construction, retail, electricity, energy, logistics, transportation, and consulting firms.   Many cybersecurity solution providers are also active contributors to the sharing movement.

Membership also includes industry-leading associations such as the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Canadian Internet Registration Association, Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada, Canadian Electricity Association and HealthCareCan.

CCTX members have the opportunity to participate in regular Threat Analyst Calls, Technical Webinars, conferences and other learning opportunities, as well as online discussion boards.  They also have access to a repository of threat intelligence reports and analysis, and an automated threat feed that includes threat information from members, from the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity and from other sources.

Sharing builds resilience.  Sharing requires trust.  Membership enables trust:

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The CCTX is supported by a partnership with the federal government’s Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, who share their threat intel through the CCTX platform in addition to participating on the CCTX Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is also supported by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), The Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE-RISC) representing over 40 academics and cutting-edge research, the Business Council of Canada, and many of Canada’s largest institutions.


The CCTX is a proud member and sponsor of MISA Canada. The CCTX was honoured to participate on a panel at the MISA Ontario Cybersecurity conference in October 2019, and we look forward to supporting and participating in webinars and the many regional in-person events in the future.


Membership in the CCTX is by way of an annual subscription.  MISA group pricing starts at $500.00 and is based on population size.  As a not-for-profit, we keep pricing affordable to enable everyone across Canada to join. Contact