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Digital Signage for Municipalities

Digital Signage is becoming an increasing popular way to reach a distracted audience, presenting a great deal of information in an efficient and effective way.

You have information to share with residents. Your audience expects to be kept up to date about council decisions, road work and closures, budget information, and property tax information. You want to promote key developments, recreation programs, community events, public meetings, and new initiatives. It can be difficult to reach your audience. Your residents are busy, they have different needs and interests, and they demand choice about how and when they receive information.

Capital Networks ImageDigital Signage is becoming an increasing popular way to reach a distracted audience, presenting a great deal of information in an efficient and effective way. You probably already have a few digital signs operating within your municipality. Perhaps an arena has one or two displays sharing the rink schedule, along with instructions on how to book ice and a price list for the snack bar. A police station may have a few internal communication signs, using the displays to reach officers who don’t spend a lot of time at their desks, reminding them to check their email to learn about a new directive from the chief. A library might be using small digital room signs to confirm the status of their publicly available meeting rooms, while a larger screen near the checkout desk promotes their after school homework club and supports fundraising efforts with eye catching graphics that visually track progress towards a goal.

As digital signage continues to become more accepted, more municipal entities will implement their own solutions, and support can quickly turn into an IT nightmare.
A scalable digital signage solution will allow your municipality to build a comprehensive centrally managed digital signage network, step by step, location by location. Start with one or two buildings and gain experience with digital signage and some of its capabilities. Develop a sense of what managing the day to day content will entail. Find out what works for your municipality and discover possibilities that you didn’t even know were there. Then, review and reassess. Develop and implement communications guidelines based on your experience.

When you are ready to add on more locations you can easily expand, and everything will continue to be managed centrally.

Each location can have its own unique look and feel. Design templates ensure consistently professional looking communications, using the communications guidelines you already have in place. Each location can manage and maintain their own content locally, through a simple web browser interface. Different user levels allow you to assign content managers at each location, with exactly the level of access that they will need.

Capital Networks ImageWith a centrally managed network, the municipality can interject city messages into specific areas of specific screens, or even take over entire displays. Messages can be sent to the entire network, to a group of screens, or to a single screen. Remind specific neighbourhoods about an upcoming water shut off. Promote an important public consultation on the entire network. Send the Mayor’s “Congratulations on your Grand Opening” message to a single community centre.
Flexible scheduling lets you plan your content in advance, while easily responding to unanticipated events. Messages can be scheduled ahead of time, or added to the existing queue, or even set to override existing content immediately. Use the digital signage network for proactive issues management, delivering reliable facts quickly and efficiently. Precreated messages can be configured to run only under certain conditions. Instructions about cold alerts or smog advisories could run automatically whenever those conditions exist. Event listings can stop playing as soon as the event begins. Messages can be programmed to only display on certain days or times of day.

Support your other initiatives and compliment the delivery of city services with short attention grabbing messages. Direct residents to specific websites for more information. Share information and content that you are already creating. Media releases, public appointments, and road closures are of interest and value to your citizens and make for compelling content for your digital signage network. Share analytics about energy usage in the city and compare usage ward by ward to inspire friendly rivalry. If you are already engaging your citizens via social media platforms, reinforce that relationship by automatically sharing your social media messages to chosen displays, sparking public input and two way communication.
Capital Networks ImageInteractive displays invite the public to touch, play, and explore. Mobile integration features enable viewers to use their own mobile devices to interact with the display, tapping to receive information relevant to the current content. One tap could take a mobile device to a self-guided tour of the location, complete with historical details, while another tap at the very same display could send the mobile device to a website to sign up for email alerts about upcoming road construction. Every message displayed on screen is logged, so that you can track and measure the activity of each display. 
Digital signage is increasing in popularity as more and more organizations recognize its potential. With a little planning, you can begin to implement a coordinated digital signage strategy for your municipality very quickly, beginning with one or two locations and then gradually expanding. Meet your communications goals while managing costs and resources by choosing a digital signage platform developed with flexibility in mind – both for the initial deployment and for each future expansion. Our package is not dependent on any specific hardware, and retrofitting may be possible.

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