Partner Spotlight - Digital Boundary Group

Partner spotlight - Digital Boundary Group

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Digital Boundary Group (DBG) offers a proactive approach to security through consulting, testing, and training.

For 16 years, over 160 Canadian municipalities have trusted DBG’s security testing and training to provide them with the objective insight required to protect their information by validating the exploitable vulnerabilities in their networks and applications. Based on the vulnerabilities discovered, reports are broken down into an executive summary, detailed technical reports, and prioritized recommendations.

DBG is a proud founding member of the National Partner Program of MISA/ASIM and continues to support all MISA related activities throughout Canada. We were also excited to receive the honor of Partner of the Year at the recent MISA Ontario 2019 Annual Conference in Niagara Falls. 

MISA Ontario 2019 Partner of the Year

DBG has been elected to the MISA Ontario Board of Directors as one of two Partner Representatives on three separate occasions. DBG’s third 2-year term will commence in June 2020.  

To assist organizations with meeting their security audit and compliance requirements, DBG offers:

External and Internal Penetration Testing

The process of exploiting vulnerabilities found during a vulnerability assessment. Testing includes discovery, enumeration, exploitation, social engineering, and reporting. Digital Boundary Group’s testing is compliant with PCI Penetration Testing requirements.

Web Application Penetration Testing

The process of determining if vulnerabilities exist in an application by testing each interface to the application, including server operating system, application platform, and database.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Independent verification of the security status of mobile applications, the host device, and supporting infrastructure. Mobile client application testing includes OWASP Mobile Top 10 Project.

Network Security Assessments

Assessment of network traffic, including local area, wide area, and internet, to detect malicious activity.

Wireless Security Assessments

A review of the wireless network infrastructure is conducted, which includes; infrastructure security, authentication and authorization, encryption, and overall design.

SCADA/ICS Assessments

Security assessment of SCADA / ICS Networks includes PLCs / process controls, remote access to SCADA / ICS systems, both electronic and physical, and recommendations for enhanced security measures.

Physical Security Assessments

A Physical Security Assessment provides an independent verification of the physical security measures implemented by an organization to protect its employees, assets, and sensitive data. The assessment includes verification of policy compliance, implemented security controls, identification of gaps, evaluation of risks, and a prioritized remediation report.

In addition to testing, we also offer hands-on hardening windows networks courses led by our senior security specialists to give your staff the skills required to safeguard your organization’s network. We are also excited to announce our new Advanced Exploitation Security training course. Students will learn to recognize potential exploitation paths in a hands-on lab environment that simulates a real-world network.

To learn more about our services or to host one of our training courses in your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.