Partner Spotlight - Electronic Recycling Association (ERA)

Partner spotlight - ERA

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Computer and IT equipment are integral parts of any business operation, as is keeping them up-to-date. The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) can help you manage equipment that you are phasing out or no longer need in a secure, environmentally responsible manner. Basic services are provided at no cost to you, and our professional team is always willing to build custom plans to ensure your unique requirements and protocols are met.

  • ERA can accommodate pickups both large and small, local and remote or loose and packaged
  • Experience working with the larger more specific entities
  • Quick and accurate process, secure transport and storage
  • Free inventory reporting including equipment and serial numbers, asset tags (and removal), make and models
  • Free data wiping including certification
  • Shredding of data storage devices for a nominal fee including onsite and shredder rental options
  • Efficient turnaround for requested documents or inventory
  • ERA’s compliance is audited and regulated through ISO. This falls in line with both Federal and Provincial laws, rules & regulations
  • Recycle end of life items with certified provincial recyclers
  • Huge community involvement though our many programs to support locally and help those in need
  • Current COVID, Student & employee support for those struggling during these times

The ERA is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to address the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing ‘digital divide’. For over sixteen years, ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals and organizations prevent operational equipment from premature destruction. It is our mission to reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment, and to reuse unwanted computers and related electronic equipment through recovery, refurbishment and computer donation programs. We donate computers, laptops, etc. to hundreds of charities, non-profits, schools and care facilities annually. If you are looking to add to your Corporate Social Responsibility Profile, our marketing team will include you in our donation activities and media events.

For more information contact:

Julia Armstrong
T: 403-705-3841