Partner Spotlight - Tantus

Partner spotlight - Tantus

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At our core, Tantus provides value. Whether it’s for our clients, our employees, partners, or our community, we use our knowledge and expertise to improve outcomes for others. As committed problem solvers, we offer proven advice and solutions we know are the best fit for you, not simply what someone wants to hear. Our collaborative approach and professionalism deliver a consulting experience that facilitates creativity and teamwork, all the while ensuring we over-deliver on project expectations.

Tantus Attributes ImageFirst and foremost, we exist to be our client’s long-term, forward-thinking partner. We aid by asking the right questions, tackling the tough problems, and formulating out-of-the-box solutions and strategies. From vision to action, we help municipal clients get future-ready. With years of experience and a high level of expertise, we provide quality consulting services designed to prepare municipalities for digital transformation.

We get excited about tackling problems alongside a team, ideas, strategies, and results flow effortlessly. The trust and rapport we develop through our work cements our reputation of a committed, approachable, and professional consultancy.

We are your external, objective opinion that reaffirms your confidence when approaching complex issues. Through education, guidance, and collaborative problem solving, we strengthen municipalities’ ability to enact positive change. Our commitment to the task at hand gives you the reassurance to tackle your biggest challenges, while knowing Tantus, as a long-term strategic consulting partner, will be around to see the project through.


The municipal service delivery model is challenging and always changing – the opportunity you have is to use your business model as the foundation to build an effective data management practice, one that will support your current operations as well as guide decision making on future strategies.  Guided by the requirements of your underlying business model, we will work with you to design your data management practice through the creation and application of the enablers and information dimensions of data management.

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Tantus employs a consumer-driven approach to requirements gathering in order to frame your data management plan. We create a data vision and strategy that will enable your business as it looks to achieve its strategic objectives. Our methodologies are specifically designed to first understand your current environment and leverage work that may have already been done or is in progress that would feed into your data management plan.  We are able to engage at any point in the process and add value in your journey.

Tantus Strategy ImageUse the Tantus Data Management Assessment Framework to evaluate your maturity in the municipal data management planning process.

Business is challenging, and ensuring a growing organization is future-ready, is even more so. It’s our role to become our client’s go-to, committed partner, to see through their growing pains and help them with digital transformation.

We always provide sound advice, quality resources, and the best information to achieve strategic goals. At the end of the day, we want to ensure we’re delivering what we said we would, and ultimately providing the client the most value for their organization.

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