MISA Prairies - President's Message

President's Message

President's Message

It is my honour and pleasure to be the new incoming President of MISA Prairies Chapter for 2017-2018 and I would like to welcome everyone to our new MISA Prairies website.  Please take advantage of the many resources that the website offers and check back often for news and announcements.

MISA Prairies is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to serving the needs of Information Systems professionals from Municipalities across the Prairie Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Our membership includes over 50 municipalities and well over 200 individual members.  We are continually adding new members and if you are not currently a member, please contact me at president@misaprairies.ca.   

Our hard working volunteer Executive Committee of Directors and Officers continues to look for ways to strengthen the MISA Prairies organization and to better serve our membership.  Our current purpose, as an Executive Committee, is to foster collaboration between municipalities in regards to information technology; to promote networking and sharing; to make it easy to contact others in other municipalities; to learn and work together on topics of common interest; to promote what we are doing in our chapter to other chapters across Canada and to provide opportunities for individual members to build their leadership and technical skills. 

Current initiatives include; the incorporation of MISA Prairies as a non-profit corporation, a new MISA Canada and MISA Prairies website, a dual track training event in October 2017 and the MISA Prairies Conference in May 2018.  The 2017 fall event will have two training sessions. One presented by Leaders Beyond called Emerging IT Leaders and a technical training session presented by the Digital Boundary Group, titled Hardening Windows Networks.

To find out more about these initiatives and events, check our website at www.misaprairies.ca.

Misa Prairies continues to improve its financial stability. Our membership fees are still very reasonable and scaled to population.  The goal with membership fees has always been to cover the regular operating costs of the Chapter and this has been achieved. Also, with the success of our spring conferences, we are now financially secure and have a bank balance that can cover the cost of running a conference without having to rely on the host municipality to front the costs.  Much of our growth and success has been accomplished even when the economy in the Prairies region has had its challenges. Thank you for the continued support from all of our membership and sponsoring vendors.

I am looking forward to serving all of you over the next year as President fulfilling our stated purpose and being a voice of the Prairies chapter nationally.

I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you ALL at future events and for sure at the MISA Prairies Conference in May of 2018 in Red Deer!

Dan Newton

IT Services Manager, The City of Red Deer