MISA Prairies - President's Message

President's Message

President's Message

On behalf of the MISA Prairies Chapter I would like to welcome you to the MISA Prairies Website! I first found this website 11 years ago via a web search for “Municipal IT groups.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but that web search would have a profound effect on my career as a public service employee working within the Municipal Sector.

The journey leading up to my recent appointment as President spans ten years and features stops along the way as Director, Secretary, and Vice President. Throughout the past ten years, I have formed countless relationships with both my municipal peers and our partners that have enriched not only my professional career, but also my personal life in immeasurable ways! Many faces have come and gone from the association over the past ten years, but the personal and professional relationships have remained in place.

Currently, I am proud to be a small piece of a larger MISA Prairies family that includes 14 board members and hundreds of members across the prairies region.

Previous boards have led MISA Prairies through an unprecedented era of new growth and prosperity. Our annual conference is gaining a reputation across the Canada as being a unique event that features a great balance of learning, collaboration, networking, and most importantly – fun! Our 2019 Spring Conference was hosted at the Jasper Park Lodge in beautiful Jasper Alberta and was attended by over 200 municipal members and partners. Many new relationships were formed, and existing ones renewed and strengthened at what was arguably our best event yet!

Being involved directly with the organization and co-ordination of our conference events I can confidently say that our 2020 conference in Regina and our yet to be revealed destination for 2021 will not disappoint (hint – it will be in a region of the Rocky Mountains that we, as an association, have yet to visit).

The recent success of our spring events has given us the opportunity to expand our services and offer, for the last three years, a fall workshop to our members.

Whether it be through our Strategic Communities of Interest Webinars, Spring Conference or our Fall Workshops, I am confident that MISA Prairies will bring value to your municipality - regardless of size!

MISA Prairies prides ourselves on inclusiveness. The size of your organization and the number of staff you have working directly in IT is irrelevant. With over 90 member municipalities ranging in size from one IT employee to over 300 IT staff, we have a spot for you in our association! To date our association has over 359 active municipal members. With the support of those members and our partners, I envision a future filled with more growth, prosperity, and relationship building!

I encourage you to reach out to me at any time if I can be of assistance to you in regards to your interest in our association or any of our events.

Kind Regards,

Adam Scharmann
President, MISA Prairies